YES offers multiple software data collection options to increase visibility and control of your process. The process management systems we offer are designed to make detailed data collection easy: real-time monitoring allows you to quickly react to process upsets.


  • Quick response to process upsets
  • Access to historical data to study and improve process strategy
  • Detailed reporting
  • Improved efficiency
  • View process data in real-time
  • Store process data


  • Data Acquisition (YES-DAQ Series) – This program was created by YES to specifically coincide with our tools. Standard data collection and network options are available. YES provides the PC Server preloaded with software and user interface (UI).
  • SECS/GEM – SEMI E5-0308 and SEMI E30-0307 compatible host communications and remote tool control are available as an option for YES-PB Series vacuum ovens.

YES Sales

Talk to one of our sales representatives about how the Software can meet your application needs. When you are ready to run process tests, we would be happy to arrange a demonstration using your chemicals and samples.
Committed to clean product development and manufacturing through clean materials and innovative reuse, YES delivers innovative solutions and expertise to help our partners and customers thrive in the modern world.
Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS)
Partner with YES to optimize and accelerate your customers’ paths to a MaaS business model. Improve their bottom line while you focus on ensuring that their manufacturing becomes as agile as their speed of innovation.
Joint Product Development
YES offers an Applications Lab and Customer Design Center for joint product development early in the life cycle. Organizations of all sizes partner with us in developing breakthrough technologies that are faster to market in the life sciences, emerging technologies, advanced packaging and other areas. YES patented technologies and track record point to our ability to tackle a wide range of materials and process engineering challenges.
Field Services
Schedule a visit from a highly experienced YES field service representative to help you assess a problem, or identity an opportunity to improve process quality, throughput and cost-efficiency. Quickly get professional solutions from your YES field service representative.
Proof of Concept / Prototyping
YES provides complete lab-to-fab capabilities that include in-house process development, analytics, field expertise, and solutions engineering. Quickly and cost-effectively create a proof-of-concept for a new or changed part of a prototype. Or develop a complete prototype in partnership with YES that is ready-made for production.
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