YES EcoCoat Chosen by Leading Biotech Customer to Enable Rapid Point-of-Care Diagnostic Device for COVID-19

Scalability, uniformity, yield, and throughput were critical decision factors 


FREMONT, Calif. – Dec 10, 2020 YES (Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.), a leading manufacturer of process equipment for semiconductor advanced packaging, Life Sciences and “More-than-Moore” applications, today announced that a prominent company in the Life Sciences sector has purchased its YES EcoCoat monolayer deposition system as part of the development and manufacturing effort for a new small-format device for rapid diagnosis at point of care. It joins a growing group of YES customers who have chosen EcoCoat technology for building portable devices that can quickly detect viral infections.

The customer, whose application requires depositing a silane coating followed by virus-specific capture probes, has an overall production goal of millions of units per year. In a competitive evaluation against two other vendors as well as an internal process, the YES EcoCoat was judged superior to other options in its scalability, uniformity, yield, and ability to meet the customer’s demanding throughput requirements. The EcoCoat system’s efficient chemical usage and its minimal generation of hazardous waste were also significant factors in the decision.

“Advanced diagnostic devices such as this one are becoming increasingly self-contained and internally sophisticated. The ability to control surface chemistry precisely, so as to ensure the robust attachment of immobilized biochemical probes to device substrates, is crucial for success,” says Jonathan Diver Ph.D., Head of Applications in Life Sciences at YES. “We are pleased to support the emergence of these cutting-edge diagnostic solutions with our CVD systems and our expertise in silane chemistry development.”

“Our life science customers are working tirelessly to find better, faster ways of detecting viral RNA, sequencing genomes, identifying antibodies and antigens, and developing vaccines. YES’s coating systems can support them seamlessly at all phases, from process development through high-volume manufacturing. YES also offers demo services for our Life Sciences customers in our state-of-the-art Applications Lab in Fremont, CA” said YES’s SVP of Business Development/Strategic Marketing and CMO Zia Karim, Ph.D.

About YES

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