The EcoClean is YES’s small-footprint, high-throughput downstream plasma strip/descum solution, with high etch rate and no/negligible damage to surfaces. Minimize cost of ownership, gas usage, and valuable fab space.

Automated Plasma Resist Strip/Descum System

Elegant, cost-effective, small, and incredibly capable, the EcoClean offers the capability of leading-edge front-end semiconductor systems at a fraction of the size and cost of competitors. Create advanced solutions for current and next-generation technologies with this perfect “sweet-spot” system for the emerging “More than Moore” processing requirements of MEMS, Power, LED, Micro LED, RF, sensors, and biotech.

High-Density Plasma

YES EcoClean systems use oxygen and nitrogen atoms created in high-density plasma for cleaning/stripping rather than the gallons of toxic chemicals and water required by wet cleaning systems. By using a downstream resist strip process, EcoClean systems achieve a high removal rate with no electrical damage or defects to substrates.

Our remote source produces a high-density plasma with the advantage of confining charged plasma species within the plasma chamber, ensuring that only charge-neutral species flow from the source and interact with the substrate. The end results are much higher throughput with low gas utilization, lower capital costs, and a safer, greener automated process.

  • Downstream plasma and distributor
  • Small footprint with single chamber (<0.75 m²)
  • Highly reactive neutral species
  • Elegant system with only 3 moving parts
  • Controlled O, H and F species
  • State of the art parts – readily accessible
  • R&D to high-volume production with minimal downtime
  • Flexible wafer size: 2” to 8”
  • Low gas usage
  • High strip/descum rate – 100-100,000 Å/min (0.01 – 10 um/min)
  • High throughput – up to 65 wph process
  • 2x lower CoO and ½ the footprint
  • No defects or damage due to ICP downstream plasma
  • High reliability with >95% uptime
  • Eco-friendly “green” process
  • Photoresist removal
  • PR descum
  • Polyimide removal
  • Organics removal
  • Copper oxide removal
  • Advanced Packaging
  • MEMS
  • Compound Semiconductor (LED, uLED)
  • Power Devices
  • Sensors
  • Biotech and Bio-sensors devices

YES Sales

Talk to one of our sales representatives about how the EcoClean can meet your application needs. When you are ready to run process tests, we would be happy to arrange a demonstration using your chemicals and samples.
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