Configure EcoCoat systems for versatile volume production across a wide range of applications that require precise surface modification. Ensure highly stable processes and deposition uniformity. Cost-effectively scale up to high-volume production.

Silane Monolayer Deposition System

The YES EcoCoat system provides excellent control of the process environment by combining the latest advances in chemical vapor deposition technologies with YES plasma cleaning. This minimizes chemical usage while achieving a consistent substrate surface. It also creates the flexibility to use a wide range of organosilanes in small sample sizes to help significantly improve the cost-effectiveness for research applications requiring precise surface modification. When ready to scale to high-volume production, transition seamlessly up to the high-volume production UltraCoat system.

Precise Controls

YES EcoCoat systems allow for precise control over temperature and the hydrolysis process. Hydration of the surface can be controlled so that the vapor-deposited coating provides a superior silane/substrate bond that is stable after exposure to atmospheric moisture, extending the time available between process steps. This critical advantage is leveraged by YES customers for mission-critical applications in genomics, medical devices, MEMS, autonomous vehicles, and more.

  • Coating temperatures up to 200° C
  • Coating process environment: <1Torr-100Torr
  • Control of amount and speed of injection, vapor line temperature, and vaporization flask temperature
  • >100 chemical processes developed using organosilanes, including PEG and biotin functional compounds
  • Coatings compatible with a wide range of substrate materials including glass, silicon and organopolymers (PC, PP, COP/COC, PMMA etc.)
  • 40 kHz plasma with multiple process gas inputs and optional flow control using MFCs
  • Eco-friendly “green” process
  • Coating Process 100 mT – 100 T
  • Monolayer coatings at Angstrom-level thickness
  • ±1.5% temperature uniformity
  • Consistent and repeatable process
  • Chemical deposition uniformity
  • Contact angle control within +/- 3 degrees
  • Reduced chemical usage over wet chemical processes
  • Plasma cleaning option ensures a consistent substrate surface prior to coating
  • Silane surface monolayers enable stable, covalent linkage between solid substrates and biomolecules including DNA and protein for microarray manufacture
  • Genomic sequencing flow cell manufacture using uniform silane vapor coatings to achieve consistent biomolecular sample flow through microchannels
  • Selection of silane coating chemistry allows precise tuning of surface hydrophobicity to control fluid flow and promote/prevent adhesion
  • Photoresist adhesion
  • Adhesion layer between polymers and substrate
  • Conventional Lithography
  • MEMS
  • Biotech and Life Sciences
  • MicroLED
  • Semiconductor
  • Optical Applications
  • Image Reversal

YES Sales

Talk to one of our sales representatives about how the EcoCoat can meet your application needs. When you are ready to run process tests, we would be happy to arrange a demonstration using your chemicals and samples.
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