YES G Series
Effective and proven way to eliminate surface contaminants as well as deliver surface cleaning and surface activation. Replace toxic chemicals with eco-friendly plasma cleaning. Flexible plasma modes in low-pressure environment allow users to configure solutions for current and future applications, including pre wire-bond cleaning, flip chip underfill cleaning, biotech substrate cleaning or any general contamination removal.
NOTICE – Effective January 1, 2021

Yield Engineering Systems has discontinued support for the YES-G500 Plasma Cleaning System.
Owners of a YES-G500 system are eligible for a discount on new YES equipment.
Please use the CONTACT US button above to send inquiries to our sales department.

R&D Plasma Cleaning System

The G1000 offers four shelves. This parallel capacitive system excels in plasma cleaning, stripping, and surface modification in 40 kHz or 13.56 MHz. Choose from five plasma modes. Anisotropic modes include RIE and active ion trap; isotropic modes include downstream (electron free), active and downstream ion trap.

  • RF plasma with 40 kHz or 13.56 MHz
  • Low pressure environment
  • Five different plasma modes: downstream to aggressive plasma
  • Temperature monitor
  • Three gas inputs (O₂, Ar or N₂ plasma)
  • Four 406mm x 406mm standard sample trays (1851.6mm²)
  • Glass slides or glass slide tray
  • Gas inputs can include more esoteric gases such as forming gas, CF4 and SF6
  • Gentle molecular level cleaning
  • Clean, repeatable process
  • No solvent residues
  • Surface activation
  • Safe and reliable energy
  • Wirebond cleaning
  • Encapsulate cleaning
  • Flip chip underfill cleaning
  • Glass or flexible substrate cleaning for Biotech and Life Sciences application
  • Contamination removal
  • Excellent uniformity and superior control
  • Advanced Packaging
  • PCB
  • Biotech and Life Sciences
  • MEMS
  • Semiconductor

YES Sales

Talk to one of our sales representatives about how the G Series can meet your application needs. When you are ready to run process tests, we would be happy to arrange a demonstration using your chemicals and samples.
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