VertaCure XP G2
YES-VertaCure XP G2 is a production-proven automated vacuum cure system, equipped with 5-zone uniform temperature control and laminar gas flow. This system provides excellent film performance, much higher throughput and lower CoO than atmospheric curing, and delivers superior mechanical, thermal and electrical properties for a large variety of polymers for wafer-level packaging (WLP) applications. YES-VertaCure XP G2 also provides superior wafer-to-wafer (WtW) and die-to-wafer (DtW) bonding anneal.

Automated Vacuum Cure Systems

YES pioneered the use of vacuum curing, and has continued to perfect and patent the many innovations required to provide YES customers with superior film performance at twice the speed and half the cost of ownership of conventional cure technology. The VertaCure XP G2 is the result of the company’s decades of experience, and large semiconductor manufacturers depend upon it for high reliability, cost-effective production.

VertaCure XP G2 is a fully automated vacuum curing system that provides complete removal of residual solvents, uniform temperature distribution, complete imidization, and precise management of heating and cooling rates. Benefits include no outgassing after cure, better thermal, mechanical and electrical properties, and excellent particle performance.

The VertaCure XP G2 system is available with one or two modules, for processing 50 or 100 wafers in a single run. It accommodates wafer sizes of 300mm and 200mm, and offers 200mm/300mm bridge processing capability.

Applications include advanced semiconductor packaging, wafer-to-wafer bonding, thick epoxy or PID devoiding cure, and hybrid interconnector bonding anneal.

Unparalleled Innovation

Production-proven Excellence

Utilizing YES’s patented vacuum cure process, the VertaCure XP G2 offers shorter cure time, excellent temperature uniformity and high uptime for high volume manufacturing (HVM).

Chamber Exhaust Condensate Trap

Protect vacuum lines, valves, and vacuum pump performance from the accumulation of solvent condensates during the cure process. Easily dispose of the condensates.

Laminar Flow Technology

The VertaCure XP G2 ensures laminar flow of gas (parallel to the wafers) to eliminate gas turbulence, resulting in excellent temperature uniformity and industry-leading particle performance.

  • 5-zone temperature control with < 1.0% uniformity
  • Laminar flow for industry-leading particle performance
  • Oxygen-free environment (<10ppm)
  • Active heating and cooling for controllable ramp-up and ramp-down
  • Simultaneous processing of 50 – 100 wafers per batch
  • 300mm, 200mm or 200mm/300mm bridge capability
  • Wafer-handling robot inside an integrated Class 1 mini-environment
  • Excellent film mechanical, thermal and electrical properties
  • Superior film stress and shrinkage performance
  • Fewer defects than atmospheric cure
  • Shorter cure time enables up to 60% higher throughput than atmospheric cure
  • 2 – 3x lower cost of ownership and >95% uptime
  • with short preventive maintenance (PM)
  • ~ 2x less power and N₂ consumption
  • More complete cure (5x less outgassing)
  • Low wafer warpage
  • Polyimide, PBO (polybenzoxazoles) and epoxy cure
  • Low temp polymer cure
  • Wafer-to wafer (WtW) bonding anneal
  • Copper anneal
  • Advanced Packaging
  • CMOS Image Sensor
  • Fan-out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP)
  • Semiconductor Front-end Anneal and Degas
  • RF Devices

YES Sales

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