RFS Series
User-friendly tabletop plasma strip/descum system utilizes a low frequency, downstream, and capacitive plasma process. Avoid toxic chemicals for both gentle “descum” cleaning as well as powerful plasma stripping of the toughest photoresist, polyimide and BCB. Achieve higher yields and repeatable results over wet processes.

R&D Plasma Cleaning Systems

Benefit from fast strip rates up to 7,000 Angstroms per minute, while practicing green manufacturing that is safer for engineers and operators. Without the need for toxic chemicals, the RFS Series offers low cost of ownership and flexible plasma power settings for a wide range of applications. Additionally, the RFS Series offers precise temperature control to achieve uniform, repeatable results. The downstream process provides no plasma charging. And when ready to scale to high-volume production – you can transition seamlessly up to our higher-volume automated EcoClean system.
Why Plasma Cleaning Is Better

Plasma offers an effective way to clean without using hazardous solvents. The RFS Series uses low frequency, downstream, capacitive plasma generation to eliminate plasma damage caused by electron charging.



  • Variable power supply (150-1250 watts)
  • Downstream process via plasma pass-through of a grounded plate to shield from damaging UV exposure
  • Precise temperature control: 50-250°C
  • Multiple process gas inputs: up to 4 process gas connections
  • User-friendly touchscreen controls and real-time system status readout
  • Report generation in Microsoft® Excel
  • Optional mass flow controllers (MFCs) for mixing gases
  • Wafer size: 2”-8”
  • Removes thick layers of photoresist or polyimide quickly (up to 6,000-7,000 Å/min)
  • Applications range from aggressive strip processes to gentle descum and surface modification
  • Downstream process balances plasma charge and protects against damaging UV exposure
  • Low plasma charge paired with less UV exposure significantly reduces plasma damage
  • Stable and repeatable process
  • Photoresist removal
  • Polyimide removal
  • Organics removal
  • CD master cleaning
  • Descum processes

YES Sales

Talk to one of our sales representatives about how the RFS Series can meet your application needs. When you are ready to run process tests, we would be happy to arrange a demonstration using your chemicals and samples.
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