PB Series
Achieve excellent throughput, reliability, and low cost of ownership with the YES-PB Series tabletop vacuum cure. Patented YES technologies for vacuum curing ensure shorter cure time and increase throughput over atmospheric curing by more than 2-3x, with better outgassing, and better thermal and dielectric properties. The PB Series includes the PB8 (for up to 2 cassettes of 200mm wafers) and PB12 (for up to 2 cassettes of 300mm wafers), and is used extensively for polyimide, epoxy and wafer-to-wafer (WtW) bonding anneal. Using YES’s lab-to-fab capabilities, develop and test your innovative product ideas on the PB Series and when ready to scale, transition seamlessly up to the high-volume production VertaCure system.
NOTICE – Effective January 1, 2021

Yield Engineering Systems has discontinued support for the YES-PB6 vacuum cure system.
Owners of a YES-PB6 system are eligible for a discount on new YES equipment.
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R&D High-Temperature Vacuum Cure Systems

YES pioneered the use of vacuum curing, and has continued to perfect and patent the many innovations required to provide YES customers with superior film performance at twice the speed and half the cost of ownership of conventional cure technology.

The PB Series is the result of YES’s decades of experience. These dependable systems provide complete removal of residual solvents, uniform temperature distribution, complete imidization, and precise management of heating and cooling rates. YES’s industry-leading expertise can be seen in the superior performance of the PB Series: no post-cure outgassing; better thermal, mechanical and electrical properties; and better particle performance for advanced packaging and degas applications.

Easily set up programmable recipes on a touchscreen (and with optional remote process management software) for temperature uniformity, pressurization, and rapid air-based cooling. The PB12 accommodates two cassettes of 200mm/300mm wafers, and the PB8 accommodates two cassettes of 200mm wafers.

Innovative Technology

Precise process control, with excellent temperature uniformity and laminar gas flow

The YES-PB Series features innovative technology to improve vacuum curing speed, reliability, and efficiency while extending equipment life.

Chamber Exhaust Condensate Trap

Protect vacuum lines, valves, and vacuum pump performance from the accumulation of solvent condensates during the cure process. Easily dispose of the condensates.

Vertical Laminar Flow Technology

The PB Series directs gases from top to bottom to eliminate gas turbulence, resulting in excellent temperature uniformity and particle performance.

Air Cooling Technology

Achieve optimal temperature uniformity and rapid cooling times with air. Adjust air mixing ratio for chamber cooling and precisely control ramp down rates.

  • Vacuum processing with excellent pressure control
  • Operating temperature: ambient to 450°C (optional high temperature version: ambient to 550°C)
  • Temperature uniformity: ± 5°C during dwell
  • Laminar gas flow parallel to the wafers
  • Pump and purge cycles to reduce O₂ content
  • Optional process management software: SEMI E5-0308 and SEMI E30-0307 compatible module
  • Faster process: 3.5 hours vs 8+ hours
  • Laminar flow reduces/eliminates particles
  • Less than 10ppm O₂ concentration after 3 pump and purge cycles
  • More complete cure (5x less outgassing)
  • 1.6x to 2x less power and N₂ consumption
  • Much lower capital cost, 2-3x lower CoO
  • Polyimide/PBO cure
  • BCB bake
  • Low temp polymer cure
  • Copper anneal
  • Low-K dielectric cure
  • Advanced Packaging
  • CMOS Image Sensor
  • Fan-out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP)
  • Semiconductor Front-end Anneal and Degas
  • RF Devices

YES Sales

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