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Achieving Desired Functionality with Film Coatings (Recorded Webinar)

by YES Marketing, July 15, 2021

Diagnostic devices, whether used at point of care or in laboratory settings, are becoming smaller, faster, and more capable of supporting greater biochemical complexity thanks to surface modification with organosilane film coatings.

In this 17-minute webinar, produced by Medical Design Briefs, Jonathan Diver, Ph.D., YES’s Head of Life Sciences Applications explains how vapor-deposited monolayer silane film coatings allow medical and biomedical device manufacturers to create smaller, faster point-of-care diagnostic devices that can support both high biochemical complexity and high production volumes.

Low-pressure vapor phase coating systems such as YES’s EcoCoat™ ensure precise deposition control for a consistent, uniform film with minimal chemical usage. This webinar explores several applications that leverage silane surface monolayers, including microarrays, microfluidics, DNA sequencing, and MEMS. These Angstrom-thin films enable stable, covalent linkage between solid substrates and biomolecules including DNA and protein for microarray manufacture. Genomic sequencing flow cell manufacturers use them to achieve consistent biomolecular sample flow through microchannels. A wide selection of available silane coating chemistries (including organosilanes such as APTES, PEG and biotin functional compounds) allows precise tuning of surface hydrophobicity to control fluid flow and promote/prevent adhesion.

Available On Demand Until: June 10, 2022

Webinar: “Achieving Desired Functionality with Film Coatings”


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Organosilane Film CoatingOrganosilanesPoint of Care DiagnosticsVapor Deposition